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Refund Policy


Minerva Pro is committed to providing quality training and consultancy/facilitation services to a range of individuals and organisations. This policy is developed to provide information on the rights of participants and organisations in relation to the refund of fees for the workshop which they have enrolled in.


Applicant - An applicant is any participant or organisation who enrols in, or books a workshop on behalf of themselves, a group or organisation

Administration Fees - Expenses relating to the administration of a workshop, incurred by Minerva Pro in relation to providing training to an applicant

Responsible Officer - Staff named under ‘Responsibilities’

Confirmation - A confirmation notification detailing the services provided by Minerva Pro including any other information relevant to the service/workshop

Refund - The amount refunded taking into account any administration fees

Workshop - Any training program, facilitation service or workshop provided by Minerva Pro 


1. Payment of Fees

By enrolling in a Minerva Pro workshop all applicants are bound to the payment of the workshop fees. Confirmation notification will be provided after payment has been received. A 10% discount applies to registration and payment received 1 month prior to the scheduled workshop date.

2. Notice of withdrawal

Any applicant who has enrolled in a workshop may, with written notice to Minerva Pro, withdraw up to 14 business days in advance of the scheduled workshop start. In this circumstance, the applicant will be entitled to a refund of the total amount less Administration Fees of $50.00 + GST or enrolment in a future workshop. Withdrawal from a workshop within 3-14 business days, the applicant will be entitled to a refund of the total amount less any associated cancellation costs (eg: training location, food, materials). They will be eligible to pay an Administration Fee of $50.00 + GST or enrolment in a future workshop. Withdrawal from a workshop within 2 days or the failure to attend, the applicant will be entitled to a refund of 20% of the workshop cost that are valued at more than $300 + GST per person or enrolment in a future workshop plus any associated workshop cancellation costs (including the $50 + GST administration fee).

3. Cancelled Workshops

Minerva Pro reserves the right to cancel workshops due to insufficient registrations or conditions beyond its control. Notification of any cancellation will be made as early as practical and include a full refund or enrolment in a future workshop. Refunds will be issued as early as practicable or within 40 business days. Minerva Pro will not be responsible for any travel or accommodation costs incurred.

4. Medical or Personal Hardship

Applicants who are unable to complete a workshop and can provide a medical certificate or show extreme personal hardship may be granted enrolment in a future workshop. In these circumstances the applicants must advise Minerva Pro in writing as soon as possible. Minerva Pro will determine if any fees are refundable and the portion of the refund on an individual basis.


The Manager of Business Services will be responsible for:

The collection of fees

Processing any refunds

The Learning & Development Department will be responsible for:

Maintaining enrolment records

Maintaining accreditation records

Reporting withdrawal notices to management and determining any refunds/enrolment in future workshops


1. Participant to advise Minerva Pro staff/facilitator in writing of intention to withdraw including details and/or providing evidence (if applicable) within 14 business days of the scheduled workshop start

2. Minerva Pro staff to liaise with applicant regarding outcome

3. Manager of Business Services will process refund