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Public Workshops

At Minerva Pro, we provide quality instruction at affordable prices. Instruction is provided by certified individuals with real world experience! We don't just talk about theory, we actually tell you what will work!

Having practical knowledge and skills to use in your role that makes a difference to your work environment and the people you work with. Take your future in your hands - get the skills you need today!

We have a range of Microsoft and Soft Skill workshops scheduled in Whangarei. Book your sessions today!

Microsoft Applications

We provide half day and 2 hour workshops for a maximum of 10 people per sitting to ensure an effective learning experience. These workshops are designed to get you up to speed quickly in short, focussed sittings.

MS Project - Getting Started (1 day)

Get the essentials under your belt! By the end of the session, you will be able to create a new project, link tasks; understand and use milestones, constraints and deadlines; print the project and more....



Book Now or phone Rhys (0508 MINERVA) to reserve your place!


Soft Skills

Change Management (1 day)

Change can be a challenge to work through in the best situations. When it concerns fundamental habits or work structures, the experience can be daunting.

Often, it is not actually the change that is the issue, it is the transition process. A planned approach to the change process will make a world of difference.


Leadership Skills for Supervisors (1 day)

Understanding yoru leadership style and how it impacts others is a key on the way to becoming an effective leader.

Time management, effective communication and understanding how to develop people all form part of a leaders capabilities.


Managing Difficult Conversations (1 day)

Find it a challenge to have a difficult conversation? Wished that you had only said...?

Whether it involves providing feedback or challenging an accepted view, difficult conversations will occur in your workplace. But, there are techniques that you can use to set a conversation up to achieve the best outcomes.


Problem Solving and Decision Making (2 days)

Developing the skills to clearly identify the real problem, identify workable solutions and then apply effective decision making, can be a challenge, and is an essential business capability.

Ensuring that decisions are actioned effectively leads to a productive work environment.


Project Management: Getting it Done! (1 day)

What does it take to complete a project successfully?

Should we just dive in and start working on task? Planning just takes time, why should we do it?

There are essential steps that you must do to complete a project In Full, On Time and On Budget.



Book Now or phone Rhys (0508 MINERVA) to reserve your place!