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Get the training you need - select the modules covering the functionality that you want to learn about! Mix and match with other applications and contact us about a delivery programme.

On site training lead by Microsoft Certified Trainers includes the provision of training manuals, exercises, case studies and training PC's. Each module is priced at $160 + GST. Bulk purchase advantages apply for 5 or more modules or 5 or more attendees.

The modules below apply for Office 2010


1. Getting it Started

  • What SharePoint Server is used for
  • How SharePoint Server came to be
  • How SharePoint Server works
  • SharePoint Server’s user requirements
  • Types of SharePoint Server user accounts
  • Recognize the main elements of the SharePoint interface
  • Use the Quick Launch pane and the Site Actions menu
  • Navigate SharePoint
  • Use your profile menu
  • Search SharePoint users and content
  • Recognize different SharePoint objects
  • Use Check In/Check Out
  • Work with file versioning
  • View and edit your profile information
  • Log out of SharePoint
  • Open the SharePoint Help file
  • Browse for help
  • Search for a particular Help topic
  • Print help information



2. Creating and Managing Content

  • Use pages
  • Create, edit, and save page content
  • Manage existing pages
  • Recognize how sites are used and how they relate to pages
  • Recognize different types of sites
  • Configure a site template and an existing site
  • Recognize a library and its function
  • Create a library
  • Modify a library and its contents
  • Enable and use file versioning
  • Recognize the functionality of views and types of views
  • Create a new custom view
  • Modify and delete existing views
  • Create new columns for views
  • Recognize the function of lists and types of lists
  • Create a new list
  • Edit list settings
  • Delete lists
  • Use the Editing Tools, List Tools, Library Tools, and Page tabs
  • Open the Recycle Bin
  • Restore and delete items
  • Recognize the difference between the Recycle Bin and the Site Collection Recycle Bin


3. Specialised SharePoint content

  • Check files in and out
  • Enable and use file versioning
  • Modify the background settings of a library
  • Create a new blog
  • Identify the parts of a blog
  • Create and manage blog posts
  • Explore blog posts
  • Use the Editing Tools tab
  • Create a new wiki
  • Create and manage wiki content
  • Link wiki pages together
  • Create workspaces
  • Manage workspace content
  • Open and view calendars
  • Create new calendars
  • Use the Calendar Tools tabs
  • Create, view, and manage events
  • Use multiple calendars
  • Create, edit, and manage workflows
  • Assign workflows to files
  • Use workflows that are assigned to you

4. Advanced SharePoint Tasks

  • Recognize a project tasks list
  • Implement basic project management techniques
  • Create a project tasks list
  • Add and edit project tasks
  • Describe what SharePoint Workspace 2010 is
  • Configure SharePoint Workspace
  • Synchronize and work with data in SharePoint Workspace
  • Download and install SharePoint Designer
  • Understand the basics of Using SharePoint Designer
  • Use Site Administration options in SharePoint