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Successful Management

I have a great idea, how can I get support for it?

There goes the rumour mill, should I ignore it?

I need to get people on board, how can I do it?

There is more to management than overseeing people. The way you interact with people impacts your influence within the work environment. There are techniques that you can use to instil confidence in others in you and your projects. The way you manage different personality types determines your success within the business you work in - office dynamics can be a challenging environment! This workshop provides you with the skills and knowledge to create a rewarding working environment  for your team and a long term, successful management career.


How You Will Benefit?

  • Be able to build a constructive work environment
  • Gain approaches for effectively dealing with rumours and gossip
  • Gain skills for dealing with different personality types
  • Learn 3 key techniques to instil confidence when you speak
  • Create an ethical environment and deal with the negatives
  • Develop techniques for a long term successful management career


What You Will Cover

  • Working with new hires
  • Understand how you can interact with and influence people to create a successful team
  • Understand the impact of rumours, half-truths and gossip
  • Identify the personalities in the work environment
  • Develop strategies to gain support for your projects and concepts
  • Develop techniques to constructively deal with conflict
  • Why should ethics matter
  • Dealing with adverse decisions
  • Learn how to build a sustainable relationship
  • Social events and work


What is Included:

Instruction by an expert facilitator with real world experience

Small, interactive class with group discussion

Specialised manual

Personalised certificate on completion

Refreshments throughout the day, including lunch


Duration: 1 day

Price: $540

Minerva Pro NZ is an NZTE capability scheme provider. You may be eligible for up to 50% off the value of the course. Contact us to find out if you are eligible!

Booking 5 or more people, contact us to receive a bulk purchase advantage.