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Supervising Others

How can I make sure the job is done the way it should be?

I’m swamped with work. Where do I start?

Is there an easy way to resolve conflict?

Supervising others is a challenging task. Staff need to understand what they need to do to work effectively while still working towards a common goal. Conflict can be destructive for a team if it is not dealt with effectively. You can easily become overloaded with your own work let alone making time to effectively manage a group of people. This workshop provides you with an understanding of how you can assign work without worrying about the results and provide you with an effective set of tools to take the stress out of your role.


How You Will Benefit?

  • Be able to confidently assign work and know that it will be completed as required
  • Know when and how you can delegate tasks
  • Gain useful tools for constructive feedback
  • Know how to manage your workload and time effectively
  • Know how to start off right when taking over a new team


What You Will Cover

  • Know how to set clear expectations that are understood
  • Understand how to set cascading goals
  • Understand the different approaches to assigning work
  • Learn about degrees of delegation
  • Know how to delegate for reliable results
  • Learn about the different feedback options
  • Learn techniques to use your time effectively
  • Understand how to resolve conflict
  • Learn what to do in a new team


What is Included:

Instruction by an expert facilitator with real world experience

Small, interactive class with group discussion

Specialised manual

Personalised certificate on completion

Refreshments throughout the day, including lunch


Duration: 1 day

Price: $540 + GST

Minerva Pro NZ is an NZTE capability scheme provider. You may be eligible for up to 50% off the value of the course. Contact us to find out if you are eligible! 

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