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Think On Your Feet® 

Ever walked away from a conversation and thought

·    If only I’d said….

·    Well, I managed to get through that….

·    Wow, I really mucked up that reply….

This workshop is designed to provide you with a range of techniques to quickly frame a reply that provides a clear, concise and well-structured response….while thinking on your feet!

Time flies when you’re having fun! Being nervous, hesitant or confused in your response is not. Rambling….that doesn’t work either. Coming away from a conversation feeling confident that you have dealt with a tricky question well, and the other party gets the point you wanted to make is fun!

Think On Your Feet® works in the office, in the board room, on the shop floor, ...anywhere where you may be challenged by a difficult question and need to respond quickly and effectively. It works, regardless of role, culture or langauge! 

Whether you work in a traditional or agile environment, Think On Your Feet® will provide you with communication techniques that will make a significant difference - speak with Clarity, Brevity and Impact®!

So, get on your on your feet and contact us today to gain the essential skills to Think On Your Feet® in this highly interactive workshop. Training provided by our certified Think On Your Feet® instructor.

This is a 2 day workshop which can run in-house.

We are a NZTE Capability Scheme Provider - talk to us today to see if you are eligible for up to 50% funding on the price of this workshop.